Life in Jakarta #11: Ria Rio Reservoir, from Hideous to Famous


Ria Rio on Serenity

Ria Rio, people suddenly talked about this reservoir since September 2013 after governor of Jakarta at that time, Joko Widodo, had the program to rejuvenate it. The massive publication about the reservoir located in Pedongkelan, Pulogadung, East Jakarta also raised its popularity especially because the rejuvenation had the purpose not only to return its function as water storage to prevent flood but also to make it as open space for public’s activity. However, I and most friends especially office mates didn’t know where the exact location was. Continue reading

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Photo Gallery : Donation for Banjarnegara Landslide Victims


These are the photos taken during the distribution of donation from Al Haqqul Mubiin Mosque of Honda Jakarta for the victims of landslide in Banjarnegara, Central Java (9/2).

Continue reading

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Hidden Legendary Chicken Congee Restaurant in Tasikmalaya

Chicken Congee in Warung Bubur Haji Zaenal, Tasikmalaya, West Java

Chicken Congee in Warung Bubur Haji Zaenal, Tasikmalaya, West Java

“That’s huge!” I was surprised by the big portion of chicken congee served on my table. At first, actually the seller already asked whether I would order one or half portion. C’mon, as food lover, of course I ordered the standard portion, definitely not the half one :). However, seeing what I had on table, I had to admit that I could be too much in ordering such big portion. But, as you might assume, hahaha finally I could finish it very well. Continue reading

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Life in Jakarta #10: The Creativity Party in Popcon Asia 2014


Gatotkaca action figure was sold in Popcon Asia 2014. The festival introduced various Indonesian superheroes including Gatotakaca known as the heroic wayang (Indonesian puppet) character. Gatotkaca recently transforms into figure in popular culture comic which brings him to be more popular among the young people

I believe that creativity is just like the fountain of the youth. It gives the spirit to explore passion, to stimulate brainwave to be productive, and to splash the happiness. Those are all the ways to stay young, aren’t they? Then how if thousands creative people gather in the same place?  There must be nothing but celebration. There must be party with the burst of youthful excitement and uproar of ideas sharing and finding. Continue reading

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Life in Jakarta #9: Flora and Fauna Festival 2014

Rose on Flora and Fauna Festival Jakarta 2014

Rose on Flora and Fauna Festival Jakarta 2014

My family has a hobby of gardening. We really enjoy to garden together on weekend. The plants not only beautify the front part of my home, but also give fresher air.  However, since I live in Jakarta, I do not have much time to do this hobby. I only keep 2 small cactus in small flower pots in front of my room. Continue reading

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Life in Jakarta #8 : Cosplay in Ennichisai Japanese Festival


Cosplay in Action

Living in Jakarta means having opportunity to have multicultural experiences.  Not only to know diverse cultures from Indonesia in this capital city, but also to know cultures from many countries. Yesterday I spent my afternoon by enjoying Ennichisai Japanese Festival 2014. The event conducted in May 23 and 24 was a great moment for exploring Japanese cultures through traditional art performances and pop cultures event. Continue reading

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Super Spicy Sensation from Tambak Banyumas


Impessive traditional food restaurant in Tambak Banyumas

I am the real spicy food lover. When I was kid, almost every night I bought super spicy fried rice near my home. Meanwhile, after school, I usually made sambal (chili sauce) by myself as addition for my lunch menu. For me, the sensation of chili always makes me get encouraged. Until this time, I am always excited when someone recommends me a place providing spicy menu. Continue reading

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Life in Jakarta #7: Enjoying Manadonese Tinutuan – 3 Carbohydrates in 1 Bowl


Tinutuan or also known as Bubur Manado or Manado Porridge

As the big city, Jakarta becomes the attraction for many people from all over Indonesia to come. Many people believe that Jakarta is a good place to make a living. Undeniably, Jakarta becomes a city of melting pot. Various cultures and traditions can be found here. The dish types from many regions in Indonesia can also be enjoyed here. That’s the point that I want to highlight. No kidding! the various dishes I can taste here in Jakarta is one of the factors making my life in Jakarta be more colorful. Everyday, I am served by many options of foods to try. Well, this Tuesday evening,  I chose to experience menu from Manado, North Sulawesi. Finally, I went to Ikan Tude Manado Restaurant, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. Continue reading

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Life in Jakarta #6: The Evening Walk in Jakarta Old City


A corner in Kota Tua

Living in capital city, Jakarta, I can easily find various entertainments. From hanging out in fancy malls, singing at karaoke club, dining in restaurant, watching 3D movie at cinema, until watching International pop super star concert. I love those choices, but sometimes those modern stuffs lead me to a little boredom. Once in a while, I need to experience something classical. I like to refresh myself by exploring spots which are reminiscent to history. Finally, last weekend, I decided to skip the crowd of mall or the tempting new menu from my favorite restaurant. I went to interesting area which people said it could be like a time machine bringing them to feel the sensation of the Old Jakarta. Continue reading

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Life in Jakarta #5: A Festive Chinese Parade in Glodok


Glodok, West Jakarta is popularly known as the biggest center of electronics in Jakarta. Most of the traders there are Chinese descent. This area has been the place to live and trade for Chinese descent in Jakarta since Dutch colonial era. No wonder, people also call it as Chinatown of Jakarta that is also the biggest Chinatown in Indonesia. Continue reading

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